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Tulay ng Kabataan Foundation, Inc.

The Tulay ng Kabataan Foundation, Inc. (TNKI) was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) a s a non-stock, non-profit organization on May 19, 1998 by a French Jesuit priest. Together with the Board members, he decided to expand the programs and to improve the services, as well as to make the Foundation financially sustainable. Between April 1998 and July 2002, TNK opened new centers for the Street Children Program: 2 boarding homes, 2 residential homes as well as 6 centers in Metro Manila. To date, TNK has 16 different residential facilities in the National Capital Region and in Bataan. Community Based programs with 8 facilities established around the areas to facilitate services to more than a thousand families in Tondo, Navotas and Malabon. It is an operating organization. Its main office is located at 94 Kalayaan Avenue, Central Diliman, Quezon City. The foundation has 115 regular staff, 62 project-based staff, 8 volunteers, and 15 members of the Board of Trustees.

Its purposes (V-M-G), among others, are “to provide the children, street children and children from very poor families, their basic human needs and to prepare them for a brighter future though a complete formation taking into account all human dimensions and skills; to help every child to reach the fullness of his human vocation, through his basic needs and rights, his desire to study or to get training, his wish to be reconciled to his family and his thirst for being loved; to give back self dignity and confidence to the children and to lead them to a complete independent life; and to provide protective services for the child to stay away from the damaging and harmful effects of prolonged stay in the streets and of his constant exposure to the elements”. The Foundation’s programs/projects focused on the following: (1) Street Children Program; (2) Mentally Challenged Youth Program; (3) Poor Urban Community; and (4) Scavenger Children Program. Geographical scope of programs: Luzon.

Its sources of income mostly from foreign grants, individual donations and interest income. 




Contact Number
(02) 435-5912

Contact Persons
Hugues Debayle, Accountant
Charles Cruse, HR Officer


94 Kalayaan Avenue, Brgy. Central, Quezon City

NCR (National Capital Region)


Social Welfare and Development

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