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Strategic Goals, 2023-2025

Reinforce credible, transparent and efficient NGO accreditation system

Expand NGO reach

Nurture partnerships

Strengthen organizational capacity and resilience

What is PCNC?

PCNC is the NGO sector’s “self-regulatory mechanism” in ensuring the integrity, transparency, accountability, and service of accredited NGO. As the duly designated “Accrediting Entity”, the Council is the government’s partner in determining the qualification of NGOs and Foundations for accreditation and registration by the BIR as donee institutions.

Benefits of PCNC Accreditation

Eligibility for BIR registration as donee institution

Seal of legitimacy and good NGO governance and management, transparency, and accountability recognized by the Government and donor agencies

Access to local and international funding

Networking with fellow PCNC-accredited NGOs & Foundations

Benefits of BIR Registration as Donee Institution

Full deductibility.

Donations, contributions or gifts made within the taxable year to accredited NGOs shall be allowed full deductibility from the donor’s taxable income.

Exemption from Donor’s Tax.

Donations and gifts made in favor of accredited NGOs shall be exempt from donor’s tax provided that not more than 30% of said donation shall be used for administration purposes.


Elevating the practice of the NGO community by raising the standards of good governance and management, accountability and integrity.

PCNC conducted NGO evaluations including renewals
PCNC Certified NGOS with BIR Donee status
PCNC Active Volunteer Peer Evaluators

The PCNC certification process is one of the very few government-recognized NGO certification systems in the world and has been the subject of discussion and possible replication by NGOs in different countries. It ensures professionalism, accountability and transparency within the NGO and nonprofit sector in the Philippines by providing a Seal of Good Housekeeping, which will hopefully also help identify NGOs of good standing for funding agencies and partners.

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