Learn About PCNC Certification and Evaluation Process.

Why be certified with PCNC?


Build Trust & Accountability

Encourage more donors

Get guidance on improving your NGO

The PCNC Evaluation

The evaluation system and organizational standards established by PCNC are geared towards improving efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of Philippine NGOs. Depending on the degree of compliance with the organizational standards set by PCNC, results of the evaluation of an NGO, it may receive one-year, three-year or five-year certification.
Those that received one-year certification are expected to improve operations so they can move on to at least a three-year certification when they re-apply for certification. Thereafter, a five-year certification should be targeted and maintained.

PCNC Certification Process


Organizational Self-Assessment

We highly recommend the CONDUCT of an organizational self-assessment before applying for PCNC certification.

Submit Application

Prepare and submit the required complete set of documents.

Conduct of Evaluation Visit

Once application is approved, prepare for the evaluation visit. The Evaluation visit will include: office and project visits; interview of representatives of the Board of Trustees, Management, Staff, Beneficiaries and Partners and; review of relevant documents.

Wait for Results

After the evaluation visit, Based on the findings of the PCNC evaluation team and the review of the secretariat and deliberations by the Board, PCNC will determine if the NGO is qualified for certification

Endorse to BIR

View detailed application process

The Evaluation Team

Each PCNC evaluation is conducted by a team composed of two (2) Volunteer Peer Evaluators (VPEs) and one facilitator from the PCNC secretariat. As senior staff members of PCNC certified organizations or members of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA), the PCNC VPEs are experienced in the different management aspects of an NGO. Thus, they are most qualified in measuring compliance with good governance and management of organizations applying for certification.

Assessment conducted by PCNC for certification is an opportunity to determine organizational strengths and areas for improvement of an NGO. These are coupled with recommendations from the VPEs of mitigating actions that an NGO may take to improve operations. As one (1) PCNC certified organization stated: “The PCNC certification, including the whole process of having it renewed, encourages us to improve the delivery of our programs and services, as well as strengthen our organizational management systems”